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Public subsidies in the Central European region are often used to implement energy efficiency measures without considering the possibility of private co-financing by third parties through the Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) mechanism. This is due to a number of barriers on both the side of the subsidy programmes’ structure and on the side of subsidy receivers and Energy Service Companies (ESCO). As a result, a given limited amount of public funding leads to a significantly lower number of energy efficiency actions in comparison to the potential of co-financing through EPC.

As the EPC is usually suitable for financing of energy efficiency measures with short or medium payback additional financing from subsidy programmes is needed to implement measures with longer payback. 


The fundamental idea behind the project is to maximize energy savings through effectively defining and interconnecting activities of public subsidy programmes with the implementation of energy services.

The goal is to prepare both general as well as specific recommendations for the provision of subsidy resources and concurrently opening the market of energy services in a manner which will enable the highest possible energy savings by lowering the public expenditures.

CombinES will strengthen regional as well as trans-national cooperation of key players along the energy efficiency value chain with a long-term impact of better safeguarding EU natural resources and contributing to sustainability strategies.

Project CombinES ending
The CombinES project officially ended on December 31, 2014. This web page will be active at least until the end of 2016.

For any questions related to comprehensive renovation of buildings, energy performance contracting and combined financing of energy efficiency actions please contact your national partner listed on the left hand side and under the »Contacts« menu above. You are kindly invited to browse through our publications and to download content of your interest..

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CombinES Master Report
- 17 February 2015

CombinES final brochure completed
- 15 December 2014



CombinES Newsletter no.5 is out
- 14 December 2014

Newsletter no.5 of CombinES project is out.



A successful gathering in Prague
- 07 December 2014
CombinES partners met in Prague on 26th of November 2014 to discuss the last work tasks to be completed and to conduct final preparations for the international conference “CombinES Comprehensive Renovation - combination of EPC and subsidies” held the next day in the Municipal Library of Prague. The conference brought together many distinguished guests, policy and decision makers, as well as energy efficiency experts from various countries. It was most interesting to hear about Czech experience with energy services in the European context, learn from good practice examples and results of CombinES project, and acquire new knowledge about comprehensive renovation financed from EPC and subsidies. At the end of the conference winners of the best EPC projects for 2014 in Czech republic received a warm applause. An international round table that followed the event pointed out specifics of national approaches towards financing and implementation of energy efficiency actions in the building sector, and enabled a fruitful direct dialogue with various ESCO representatives. The presentations (some in English, some in Czech language) are available for download here:


CombinES final meeting and international conference
- 18 November 2014
Prague, 26th and 27th of November, 2014

The CombinES project is slowly coming to an end. Partners from six Central Europe countries have done remarkable work uncovering national energy performance contracting potentials, analysing various subsidy schemes and shaping proposals for their amendment, developing a comprehensive renovation model, promoting the activities and engaging relevant stakeholders in in-depth discussions. Now they will gather for their last meeting on 26th of November again where it all started: in the beautiful city of Prague. On 27th of November another important event will follow the meeting: an international conference entitled “CombinES Comprehensive Renovation - combination of EPC and subsidies”. The conference will be organized under the auspices of the Department of Urban Green Waste Management of the City of Prague. Divided into three sessions followed by an international roundtable the programme will cover Czech experience with energy services in the European context, good practice examples and results of CombinES project, and comprehensive renovation – combination of EPC and subsidies. The programme is available here. Additional information: vladimir.sochor@svn.cz.


Will public and private capital find common ground?
- 17 November 2014
Slovenian newspaper Primorske novice brings an article by ZRMK about financial mechanisms for energy efficiency measures and reports about good practice of comprehensive renovation with combined financing in the City of Prague. You can have a look at it here

Financial incentives for efficient use of energy by SID Bank
- 20 October 2014
The Slovenian SID Bank has announced a programme of incentives (loans and subsidies) for efficient use of energy in small and medium enterprises based on financial sources from European Investment Bank and European Union.

Detailed information and documentation available here.


Successful discussion workshop and national roundtable at AGRA fair 2014
- 15 September 2014

On August 26, 2014, ZRMK organised a workshop and roundtable about financial prospects for efficient use of energy. An article on this topic was published in the Gradbenik magazine 9/2014. Together with the official press release of fair organiser Pomurski sejem it is available (in Slovenian language) online here.